Dr. Long Ho

Visiting Orthodontic Provider

Long is a friendly and enthusiastic dentist who prides himself in delivering a high standard of care in a comfortable and relaxed environment. He attained his Bachelor of Dental Science with honours at the University of Queensland and has practised in several clinics around Brisbane.

Roma was Long’s home for several years, where he provided orthodontic management, surgery under general anaesthetics and complex prosthetic dental treatment.

In 2012, Long started further training in fixed and removable orthodontics and completed his training in 2014. He was also certified in prescribe Invisalign in 2014. Long has particular interests full-face treatment, giving patients not only straight teeth, but teeth that fits in harmony with entire face, soft tissue and masticatory function.

Long now resides at the Sunshine Coast where he is the principal dentist at Dental Centre Buderim. He now returns once per month to Roma Dental Centre to provide orthodontic services. Please note, Long is not a specialist orthodontist. He is a general dentist who has done extensive training in the field of orthodontics but is not a registered specialist.